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Using the Search Box

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A word typed in the keyword box looks for that term in these fields: title, image id, description, and subject. By default, typing multiple words generates a search for instances where ALL the terms appear in a record, that is, an AND search.

Search Terms with AND / OR, wildcarding, and stop words

Are not enabled at present. See above for more information.

How to see everything

To browse the entire contents of the collection, you can run a search with nothing entered in the search box, or click here.

Capital Letters

It is not necessary to capitalize proper names in search terms. Searches are not case-sensitive: a search for "Pearl Levy Alexander" or "pearl levy alexander" will yield the same results.

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No Results

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Search results are ranked by relevancy according to the frequency in which terms appear in the following fields: title, image id, description, and subject. Use facets to limit the results returned.


How do I see a larger version of an image?

  • Click on the enlarge button in the left sidebar, beneath the image, or click on the image itself.
  • To enable enhanced detail viewing, all images can be enlarged for "pan and zoom" viewing. Click on the "enlarge this image" buttons to begin using Pan & Zoom features. Pan & Zoom images are very high-resolution files which can be viewed using the free Djatoka browser software. (Djatoka provides this optional software, and The New York Public Library makes no warranty regarding its use.
  • Zoom in (magnify) image: Click the "+" symbol to enlarge a section of an image
  • Zoom out: Click the "-" symbol to see a larger portion of an image.
  • Move (pan) image: Clink on the image and drag or move the rectangle over the small image to move across an image.
  • Return to original size (home): Click the "refresh" symbol to the right of the '-' sign to return to the default image view. To return to the detail view, click the close button on the upper right of the expanded image view.

How do I save images for later use?

Adding an item to your selections

The "Selected items" feature saves images for future viewing. Add any image to your Selections by clicking the "Select" button. To view all of your Selections, click on "Selected items" at the top of any page. Remove images from Selections at any time by unchecking the checkbox beside the image. To delete all images in your Selections, click the "Clear selected items" link on the Selections page.

In order to use the "Selections" feature, your web browser must have cookies enabled. While you are not required to log in or provide any personal information to save images, Selections uses cookies (small text files that store Selections image identifiers for later retrieval). This information allows you to view your Selections images when returning to this site later from the same computer. The New York Public Library gathers no personal information, and you may clear all images from Selections at any time.

Optional collection creation

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Save to your computer

Any image can be downloaded (saved to your own computer) by clicking on the 'save this image' button to the left of the images and saving the image to your computer.

How do I print out an image?

Use the 'print this image' button

To print a copy of an image, click the "print this image" button to the right of the image.

How do I put an image on my blog or website?

Use the linking and embedding feature

To link to an André Studios record, copy the URL that is in the text box under the heading "Permalink." You can then paste this into your bookmarks, blog posts, etc.

To add a André Studios image to a blog post, for example, copy the code under the heading "Embed image" and then paste it into your post. When embedding code, you should use the code view window in your favorite blogging application, since a visual, or "editing," window usually will not allow you to add code snippets. For more help on embedding code or linking URLs in blog posts, please read the help pages within your favorite blogging application.

Sharing an Image

Click on 'share this image' to the left of the image and click the button corresponding to your choice of social networking site to share the image.

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